T O U C H.

Luscious little pieces of art for the home...Zietta Clara knobs are created by the human hand, designed for the human hand. It is in the hand where they belong. Sensual and cold to the touch, they transform interior design into a tactile experience.

These are solid pieces of blown glass sculpted as functional art for the door. An etching that reads Zietta Clara, can be found on the back of each unique piece of glass, insuring artful authentication. Because these glass pieces are one of a kind and hand sculpted art, each piece will vary slightly in color pattern, shape and size, one from another.

Zietta Clara is comprised of three collections. ORIGINALE premiered first in 2005 and has been referred to as "visually arresting." The door knobs described as "jewels for the door," are formed in nontraditional shapes and jewel tones. Appealing to the touch, these door knobs, cabinet and drawer knobs are offered standard in a warm and classic color pallet.

ICE and PEBBLE are the two new collections of 2008, offered in a cool color palette.

In ICE, thirteen new designs erupt, including the popular Soap Bar design, which has been reborn in an oval shape with lots of clear glass and is available in six versions. A variety of organic shaped cubes, sandblasting and fancy bevels make this line uniquely different from its predecessor.

PEBBLE has five strong designs that explore visual texture combined with the tactile smoothness for which Zietta Clara has become known. This collection is produced with an entirely different style of glass sculpting and is flat and linear in nature. The emergence of the PEBBLE collection brings with it the frequently requested drawer pull, especially for those contemporary kitchens.

All three collections are offered as door knobs and in cabinet/drawer knob sizes too. Modification and custom design are available as well. Many of the colors are available in the designs belonging to a different collection, and can be custom ordered.

We hope you enjoy the newest Zietta Clara inspirations!

For pricing or to discuss a custom project, please contact the Zietta Clara showroom in your region or Zietta Clara directly.

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