It is the mission of Zietta Clara to present an artful and functional high quality product that is unique, stylized and inspiring. The Zietta Clara product speaks to many moods and styles, including old world and contemporary. With this line, we strive to assist in the personalization of any home, by offering door knobs, cabinet knobs and closets pulls. Customization for special projects is available as well.

The designs by Stacie Isabella Turk are inspired by everything from the way cream looks being dropped into her coffee, to buttons she sees on a vintage sweater, to her mother's tortoise shell sunglasses sitting on the dash of the car when she was five years old - flashes of life encapsulated in glass. Her life long love of glass and her desire to touch glass, rather than to just look at it, is what has inspired the door knobs. "Do not touch" signs in glass galleries are her nemesis and she has always guessed they are for others as well. The Zietta Clara solution is luscious little pieces of art for the home that are functional.

From concept to reality... a student of glass blowing herself and strongly influenced by her travels throughout Italy, Stacie works closely with experienced glass sculpting artists and bronze artisans to bring the designs, bubbling up in her mind, into form.

At Zietta Clara we have assembled a team of craftsmen who help to create a well made and strongly engineered product. This is that unusual place where art and function meet. December 2005 marked the launch of Originale, the first line of Zietta Clara hardware design elements being made available after several years of design and research.

We hope that others will indulge in the opportunity to have this tactile treat in their home, a style accent to enjoy for many years.

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